5 Tips To Improve Your Airbnb Listing

1.  Take New Photos

Great images are the number one reason your guests will book with you. If you have a smartphone you are now able to take some really high-quality shots but its all about presentation and lighting. Follow these quick tips to immediately improve your photos.

- Take photos during the day & use natural light 

- Avoid flash

- Use bright linens and fabrics. White and gray work best. 


2. Little Things Matter

Remember, you are selling an experience not just somewhere to sleep. Regardless of whether someone is traveling on business or for a romantic weekend break in Dublin, people love a unique experience. Think about including a small welcome gift such as a box of chocolates, bottle of wine or even pre-stamped postcards.


3. Review Pricing

In an ideal world hosts would conduct pricing reviews on a weekly basis. At AirButlers, we review pricing every Friday for the week ahead. 

The most profitable properties are the ones who are rented for the most amounts of nights per year.  Follow these key steps to nail your pricing and increase revenue.

- You aren't a hotel so avoid charging like one. Keep an eye on hotel prices in your area and always aim to be more competitive. 

- As often as possible, review all Airbnb listings within a 3 mile area of your listing. 

- Cleaning fees are included so get a professional cleaner after each guest.

For example, this loft style apartment in central Dublin is available for just €125 per night and sleeps 4.

New York loft style apartment right in centre of Dublin city. 

New York loft style apartment right in centre of Dublin city. 


4. Write a new property description. Now, do it again

Your listing should be concise without being too brief and most of all, give a very clear idea of your property. Be honest and authentic.

Is it close to a party area such as Temple Bar? Great for young people but an older couple might not want this. Such a wide range of people use Airbnb, the trick is finding who your property is best suited to. The most important thing to being a brilliant host is ensuring people get what they are expecting and have a great time. 

No one knows your property like you do, so share your tips and tricks. Best coffee? Closest place to grab a nice dinner after a days sightseeing? How can I get to the airport? 
Put yourself in the guests shoes. Which brings us nicely to the final point. 

A great property description from London

A great property description from London


5. Be your own guest

Every month or so, you should be spending a night in your property. Only by experiencing it from your guests perspective will you see what needs to be improved and any little repairs or snags you need to solve. You should also be a regular guest in other Airbnbs to get tips and continue to improve your own listing.