7 Luxury Airbnb Listings In Ireland

We all deserve a bit of luxury. The HostButlers team have picked the top 7 listings in Ireland on our current wish list. Some may seem like they are only for the super rich but when you divide it with a group of friends, a lot of the properties are cheaper than a hotel and twice the fun. One is available for just €20 per night. 


1.  Beach House Heaven in Ballyheige, Kerry. 

Able to accommodate 16 people, it is at the upper end of anyone's budget at €6576 per night! The Kerry folks know how to charge but those views are almost worth it. 

Beach House Ballyhaigue.png
Beach House Ballyhaigue Interior.png

2. Kildare Palladian Mansion

We want to stay here just to say we have stayed in a Palladian mansion. Just a quick spin from Dublin, this Georgian mansion can sleep upto 30 people and costs €1541 per night. 

Airbnb Mansion Kildare

3. Lisnavagh House, Carlow

Built in 1847, you can live your Downton Abbey dreams here or pretend you are an Irish Bond villain. Sleeps 14 guests and costs €1000 per night. You may need to hire a classic car for the weekend to complete the look. 

Airbnb House Carlow

4. The Dublin Penthouse

Located right in the city centre, the penthouse sleeps 8 and costs €650 per night. Extremely high-end finish giving you luxury within walking distance of Ireland's main shopping area, Grafton Street.

Airbnb Penthouse Dublin

5. Wilton Castle, Wexford

A stunning castle located in the sunny south-east. Has 7 bedrooms, sleeping 14 people and will set you back €1000 per night. One for Game of Thrones fans. 

Airbnb Castle Mayo

6. Log Cabin in Mayo

Listed as one of the Sunday Times top 10 places to stay in 2014. Has capacity to sleep 12 and costs €600 per night. Looks like it has been lifted from the Canadian Rockies and dropped in Mayo. 

Airbnb Log Cabin Mayo

7. Headfort House, Meath

Not sure if this falls into the luxury or the bizarre category. Formerly a private prep school in Kells, Meath, it has 60 beds and costs €1200 per night. Between 60 of your closest friends, that's just €20 each! Cheaper than a hostel. 

Airbnb Meath