How much Dublin Airbnb hosts earned in 2016

Airbnb have just released their Ireland report for 2016 and it is fascinating reading for Airbnb hosts in Dublin. 

Airbnb in Dublin 2016 - The Facts and Figures

- St Patrick's Day was the most popular time of year with over 5000 people using Airbnbs in Dublin.

- Over 6000 hosts welcomed 403,500 visitors to Dublin last year. 

-  Airbnb visitors brought €275 million to the Dublin economy in 2016.

- 39% of the guest's money was spent in the local area where they were hosted. Excellent news for local Dublin neighbourhoods such as Portobello, Thomas Street and 

- 23% of guests said they would not have visited or stayed as long without the Airbnb service. A valuable reminder to Government about the importance of Airbnb to the Dublin and Irish tourism sector.

- Good news for Dublin 8 Airbnb Hosts. The Phoenix Park has been ranked as the 15th fastest growing Airbnb neighbourhood globally.

- On average, each host earned €4,900 from having their property on Airbnb.

- Each guest stays on average 3.2 nights in the city.


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