How To Improve Your Airbnb Ranking

The holy grail for every host is to appear as high as possible in the Airbnb results page for your area.  The further down the list you are, the fewer bookings you will get. The rules are simple.

The same applies to your Airbnb listing. 

The same applies to your Airbnb listing. 

The AirButlers team have compiled our list of tips and tricks to get you rising through the rankings. Or you could just hire us to do it for you. 

This is not an exact science as Airbnb do not reveal precisely how they rank property results but it's primarily based on the tips below. The key to a good ranking is consistency and following the steps below. 

1. Quick reply to guest questions

The quicker you respond to guests queries, the higher your ranking will be. Airbnb wants to provide the best possible experience for guests and no one likes waiting 12 hours to hear if they can book. 

2. Verify your account

Make sure you have completed all verification steps possible. Register an official photo ID (Passport or drivers licence)

3. Don't cancel bookings

Do not cancel bookings if at all possible. It is not only really bad karma, but it hurts your ranking. 

4. Turn on Instant Book

Airbnb claim that hosts with Instant Book turned on get twice as many guests. That might be slightly stretching the figure but it certainly will help your rank.

5.  High-quality photos

Put away the smartphone. Your photos are the first experience a potential guest will have of your property. Low-quality photos indicate poor standards. If the host can't be bothered to get high-quality photos, what else are they skimping on? There is no excuse for bad photos when Airbnb offer the service for free. We also offer photos for free as part of our full management package. We will be launching property videos in early 2016.

Be inspired by other listings in your area

Be inspired by other listings in your area

Would you really want to stay here? 

Would you really want to stay here? 

6. The eye for detail

Little details matter for Airbnb. Ensure you have listed all amenities possible to increase your chances of improving your rank. Items such as a hairdryer, satellite TV and WIFI can swing a booking in your favour. 


Want to know more? 

AirButlers are Dublin's only professional property management solution for Airbnb hosts. We look after your guests, take care of check-ins and ensure your property is spotless for your next guest.  Contact us below for more information.